Benefits of Family and Community Involvement in Schools

Eric Becoats pic

Eric Becoats

Educational leader Eric Becoats is an assistant superintendent with The School District of Philadelphia, where he works to turn around low student performance at district schools. To accomplish his mission, Eric Becoats establishes community partnerships to support achievement in the classroom and beyond.

It is a well-established fact in educational circles that community and family involvement in schools has a significant impact on student achievement and dropout rates. Research has demonstrated that students whose parents are involved in their education enjoy higher rates of postsecondary education, higher self-esteem, more positive relationships with their peers, and higher attendance rates. Connecting community activities with classroom learning also has been shown to reduce suspension rates and improve academic performance.

Community partnerships with schools take a number of forms, including wraparound community and social programs designed to improve the social and physical health of students. Community-based organizations such as after-school care programs and mentorship services reinforce concepts learned in the classroom and help students make the most of their learning opportunities.


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