The US Department of Education Shares Graduation Progress

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Eric Becoats

Possessing a doctor of education in the field of educational leadership, Eric Becoats has dedicated more than two decades to academia, serving predominantly in administrative capacities. Eric Becoats is an Assistant Superintendent and leads a team of 15 principals in The School District of Philadelphia to improve outcomes for students in grades K-12.

At the end of 2015, the United States Department of Education released a statement regarding the progress of graduation rates. Preliminary data from the National Center for Education Statistics indicated improvement in the number of high school graduates from the 2012-2013 to the 2013-2014 school years. In fact, March showed the highest rate of 81 percent. The number took into account students from all subgroups, including pupils of minority, low-income, and non-native English speaking backgrounds as well as those living with a disability, some of whom Eric Becoats has worked with.

The Department of Education also highlighted the accomplishment of five particular states, including Illinois and Oregon, achieving the most gains. In total, 36 states successfully improved graduation rates. The US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan commented on the feat, acknowledging that educators and communities as well as families played a significant role in attaining the results.